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Rails: Why I can't use routes like "user_path" in custom layouts like user-layout.html.erb

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Rails: Why I can't use routes like "user_path" in custom layouts like user-layout.html.erb
posted May 7, 2014 by Sonu Jindal

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Does the route exist? what is the error you get? try rake routes to see if user_path exists.
Yes, I'm trying all the routes and no one works. It says 'cannot find user_path'. These are the routes that I have.

 user GET /users/:id(.:format) users#show
 PATCH /users/:id(.:format) users#update
 PUT /users/:id(.:format) users#update
 DELETE /users/:id(.:format) users#destroy

In the application.layout those routes are working, I have to specify any special route tu use a different layout?.

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