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How can Informatica do the job of a link collector in Datastage?

+1 vote

Is it possible to replicate the functionality of link collector in Datastage in Informatica, using its pre-built transformations?

I have 4 different streams in the same mapping. I want a union of all the streams. It may or may not relate to one another. Hence I do not have a common column. I just want to dump values from those 4 streams into a single column in informatica. Is it possible to do so?

posted May 6, 2014 by Pooja Bhanout

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1 Answer

0 votes

The Union transformation allows you to define a number of input groups and input ports (4 groups with single port in your case) and merges the source rows together.

answer May 7, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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What can we do to improve the performance of Informatica Aggregator Transformation?

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Most of my company uses powercenter informatica for Extract-Transform-Load type data move jobs between databases.

However project I am on has a big custom Perl job with some Java thrown in for good measure to move data and trigger some other updates.

There is talk of rewriting the thing to use powercenter instead, what are people's experiences on such a project, does it make sense? Seems like you trade lot of flexibility in going to such a "off the shelf" solution, but do the ETL tools buy you much in terms of productivity for example?

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I have some files that I would like to consolidate into a single database table. The files have similar but different formats. The files look something like this:

•ColA : string
•ColB : string
•ColC : string

•ColAA : string
•ColBB : string
•ColCC : string

•Col01 : string
•Col02 : string
•Col03 : string

The destination table looks like this:

•ColFirst : string
•ColSecond : string
•ColThird : string

I want to develop a mapping that ETLs these three files into this one database, but because the column names are different, it looks like I'll have to develop three different mappings, or three different sources, or three different somethings. The problem is that my example is contrived: I actually have many different files that all have different formats and column names, but the data is all very similar.

I would like to develop a single mapping or workflow that can handle all of this by only adding a table that holds the column mappings. Such a table would look like this based on the sample files and sample table above:

enter image description here

In this way, to edit a column mapping I only have to make an edit this this TableMappings table. I wouldn't have to make any changes at all to the mapping or workflow. Nor would I have to redeploy an application.

What would a mapping or workflow look like that could take advantage of something like this? I assume there'd be a flat file source that takes files from a folder. There would be something in the middle that uses this TableMappings table to map column names. Finally there would be a relational data object that represents my destination database table "TableDestination". I don't know how to put this together though.

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