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SVN: Missing update-report close tag on CheckOut

+1 vote

With VisualSVN server version 2.1.4 (svn server version 1.6.13) When I try to checkout our project it throws an error message "svn: E175009: Missing update-report close tag". What could be the reason for this error message?
Can something could be corrupt in our server? If so is there any tool to verify and correct our repository?

posted May 5, 2014 by Seema Siddique

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Try svnadmin verify _repository_dir_ on the server machine. If that reports a problem, you might get information on how to repair it.

For example, I routinely run "svnadmin verify /var/www/html/svn/repo" on my server. This requires read privilege on all directories in the repository, of course, so I run it as root.

answer May 5, 2014 by Sumit Pokharna
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Checking out a copied directory at a revision prior to the copy results in a checkout of the data before the copy. I would expect this to fail in the same way that attempting to update to an invalid revision fails.

Is this the intended behaviour? If so, shouldn't there be some message that your working copy is using a different location than requested?

 > svn copy trunk mybranch -m 'copy test'
Committed revision 2

 > svn co mybranch -r1 mybranch

 > svn info mybranch
Relative URL: ^trunk

Checking out the branch at a valid revision then attempting to update to the earlier revision results in an error:

 svn: E160005: Target path 'mybranch' does not exist

(I was attempting to checkout the revision given by 'Last Changed Rev' from 'svn info' on a child of a copied directory - it points at a revision before the copy, but that's a different discussion)

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I was handed a dump file by a 3rd party and I am supposed to analyze it. I've got it loaded and can look at the log and do all the usual things without any apparent errors. But I notice that some revision numbers are missing.

How can this be?

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My most recent commit was the creation of a tag. I want to delete that tag. Should I reverse merge the commit or simply delete the tag?

If I do a reverse merge I see a tree conflict:

C:>svn merge -c -69  

--- Reverse-merging r69 into '.': 

 C tagsTAG_ 

--- Recording mergeinfo for reverse merge of r69 into '.': 

U . 

Tree conflict on 'tagsTAG_ 

 > local dir edit, incoming dir delete upon merge 

Select: (r) mark resolved, (p) postpone, (q) quit resolution, (h) help: 

What is the best thing to do here?

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Sometime back I upgraded our server from 1.7.5 to 1.8.8. On an automated build machine we had no issues with timeouts in 1.7.5. However, after upgrading to 1.8.8, client CLI as well, I am running into this time out error about 60% of the time. I have at least one other user running into this as well.

Any ideas or suggestions as to how to correct or work around this issue?

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I just moved a subversion repository from an ubuntu linux 12.04 server running subversion 1.6.12 to an ubuntu Linux 14.04.1 server running subversion 1.8.8.

I have been able to export the code to an ubuntu 14.04.1 client running subversion 1.8.8 and when I do a
svn -u status
W155007: ‘home/xxx/src/trunk/c/eco’ is not a working copy

I get this error no matter what directory I do it in and it used to work fine before the move when we were running Ubuntu 12.04 clients with the old repository.

We are using apache2 with ssl for old and new repository.

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