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Informatica: Propagating Port Attributes

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You can propagate any attributes such as port name, data type, precision, scale, and description as throughout the mapping. For example if you change the precision of a port, you will have to apply the same precision to all remaining transformations as well. In such cases you propagate post attributes.

The Designer propagates ports, expressions, and conditions based on the following factor
· Direction that you propagate : You can propagate changes forward, backward, or in both directions.
· Attributes you choose to propagate : You can propagate port name, data type, precision, scale, and description.
· Type of dependencies : You can propagate changes to dependencies along a link path or to implicit dependencies within a transformation.

You can choose the properties mentioned above from the dialog box shown below. You can invoke this dialog box by right clicking any transformation ports of a mapping open in the workspace.
enter image description here

posted Apr 28, 2014 by Shatark Bajpai

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