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Mailman 2.1.16 or later for CentOS

0 votes

Is there a repository with a newer version of mailman for CentOS 5? CentOS 5 ships with mailman 2.1.9 and it looks like I need some of the features of newer version of mailman to cope with DMARC issues relating to aol, yahoo, and hotmail with at least one of my mailman lists.

posted Apr 27, 2014 by Luv Kumar

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Similar Questions
0 votes

It seems that is just a dummy. Something
kill -PWR 1
systemctl isolate

is visible in the journal, but it does not power down the host.

This breaks a clean shutdown of LXContainers setup with Centos 7.2. I would guess there are problems with UPS monitors, too.

Is there a workaround?

0 votes

On my Mac, running python 2.7, I upgraded from 1.4 to 1.5 by doing this:

rm -rf /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/django

Followed by python install in the dir I untar-ed Django-1.5.1 to.This all worked fine.

On a Centos system running python 2.6 I did: rm -rf /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/django followed by the install. My django app is working, and appears to be running 1.5, however anytime I use (for collectstatic or syncdb or test, for example) I get these messages:

DeprecationWarning: The 'execute_manager' function is deprecated, you likely need to update your ''; please see the Django 1.4 release notes (

DeprecationWarning: The 'setup_environ' function is deprecated, you likely need to update your ''; please see the Django 1.4 release notes (

So it seems I still have some 1.4 stuff around. I don't get this on my Mac. How can I get rid of these messages?

+2 votes

When starting a program from the commandline in C5, is there any way to specify where on the screen the resulting window will be put?

I have a nuisance of a problem: Running rdesktop with the -D option (which hides window decorations, making the rdesktop window appear borderless), one cannot (as far as I can figure out) drag the window:
there are no borders to grab, and alt-drag doesn't work either.

it's always opening in a place that covers other windows, and I can't drag it away from there.

specifically: I want to run two instances of rdesktop, and it always plunks the second one right on top of the first one. since I can't drag either of them, I can't see them both at the same time. (I "carefully" configure each of them so they are the exact size of the physical screen, so that it looks like a real windows session, and also prevents me from casually/stupidly closing the entire RDP window by accident.) Since I have two displays, I'd like to place one of them on each screen, by itself.

0 votes

I am trying to run a set of applications (which was build and run on CentOS 5 successfully) on CentOS 6.2 (x86_64). I can't find following packages


Why are these packages not available in CentOS6? What are the replacement for these packages?

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