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Informatica Lookup & Update strategy error

+2 votes

I have been trying a lookup and update strategy transformation but for some reason its not working.

I have a disconnected lookup in my mapping which is called based on a particular condition and when the look up is null , I tried to set a variable to 'INS',REJ,UPD,DEL..

The new variable in my agg_trans-INS_UPD_DEL is not getting linked to the upd_strategy trans. I'm able to move the variable from expression to update_strategy but dont see the link being displayed..

enter image description here

posted Apr 25, 2014 by Rohini Agarwal

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2 Answers

+1 vote

As per the image, from same source your are passing data to two active transformation and then trying to join them. You added a port in to Aggregator Transformation to call Lookup. Due to active transformation its not possible.
You should pass all the ports to Aggregator and then pass it to Update Strategy Transformation.

answer Jun 12, 2014 by Shatark Bajpai
0 votes

Well, Aggregator is an active transformation. if you are making a new port in aggregator, you wont be able to surpass this transformation for other ports while going to update strategy.

Without asking you for more of your functionality, you can fix this by simply flowing your ports through aggregator. Whatever you need in update strategy, make sure they flow through aggregator... Src Qualifier -> Aggregator -> Update Strategy.

I hope its clear enough, if not, think about going through documentation about active transformations

answer Apr 28, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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Is it possible to update partial data (primary key + just one or more columns) in a matching target row while leaving others intact in target as shown below or do I have to do a lookup and port all the columns?

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How can we update a record in target table without using Update strategy?

+1 vote

I am calling an unconnected lookup in Informatica and I am getting this error:

ERROR : Lookup port rfb_id in lkp_V_CLAIM_ELIGBLTY_EFF_LTCG_seqid not specified in lookup override

Transformation Parse Fatal Error; transformation stopped...
TE_7002 [<<PM Parse Error>> [:LKP.RLKP_V_CLAIM_ELIGBLTY_EFF_LTCG_SEQID(rfb_id)]: : invalid function reference

My lookup is as follows


in_rfb_id [Input]
rfb_id [Lookup]
CLAIM_ELIG_EFF_LTCG_SEQ_ID [Output, Lookup, Return]
SQL Override:

   -- where rfb_id = in_rfb_id
 group by rfb_id  --

rfb_id = in_rfb_id

Other information:

data types are the same between lookup and expression, both integer
SQL returns a one column list of 962 integers

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