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How can I modify socket limit in linux with hadoop?

+4 votes

I am hitting the following issue it is still open and there are no suggested workarounds

DFSClient#DFSInputStream#blockSeekTo may leak socket connection.

Can any one know any workaround

posted Apr 23, 2014 by Kiran Kumar

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I noticed that if I make a listening socket using SOCK_STREAM | SOCK_NONBLOCK, that the sockets I get after calling listener.accept() dont have the O_NONBLOCK flag set, but checking the result of gettimeout() on the same sockets gives me 0.0, which means they are non blocking. Why is this the case?

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In Socket-Programming, I want to send whole ".txt" file from server to client. is it possible?

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For An Example:
I have Socket-Programming where server is connected to 5 clients and it continuously sends and receives to all the clients.
Now, If one of the client looses the network or in whatever the case one of the client fails then master will also fail and because of it all other client will also be failed.

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As per my understanding Receive system calls will be a blocking call of the code... it will not go ahead unless it receives the response from client .. my question is how would i set time in that? i want my code should wait only for few seconds then it has to come out from that

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