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What information SIB1 and SIB2 contains for the UE ?

+5 votes
What information SIB1 and SIB2 contains for the UE ?
posted Apr 22, 2014 by Maninder Bath

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Go through this document
it covers all SIB nicely.

1 Answer

+1 vote


  1. Cell Access Related Information - PLMN Identity List, PLMN Identity, TA Code, Cell identity & Cell Status

  2. Cell Selection Information - Minimum Receiver Level

  3. Scheduling Information - SI message type & Periodicity, SIB mapping Info, SI Window length


  1. Access Barring Information - Access Probability factor, Access Class Baring List, Access Class Baring Time

  2. Semi static Common Channel Configuration - Random Access Parameter, PRACH Configuration

  3. UL frequency Information - UL EARFCN, UL Bandwidth, additional emmission

•Rach related parameters
•Paging configurations and SI modification period related parameters.
•Uplink bandwidth in terms of RB
•PUSCH ,PUCCH, uplink power control and sounding reference related configurations.
•Cell barring information.

answer Apr 22, 2014 by Subhashchandra
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