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LTE: Why does "PLMN-IdentityList2" IE within the "measResults" ranges from 1 to 5 PLMNs ?

+4 votes

A cell broadcasts up to 6 PLMNs, but in case of measurement results, UE can report up to 5 PLMNs why ?

posted Apr 21, 2014 by Harshita

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I just came to know, UE starts reading from the secondary entry of PLMN List, which is being transmitted within the neighbor cell SIB1 information.
I don't know actually why it does ? waiting for others to respond .

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In case of S1-handover with the MME relocation, source MME sends an information "Target Identification" to target MME.
What the target MME does by receiving TAC, when an enodeb can be identified uniquely by using combination of (PLMN + Macro/Home ENodeB) ?

Can someone tell me what the purpose behind to send TAC as part of Target Id IE ?

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is there any specific events in LTE that support only interfrequency and intrafrequency HO ... kindly specify in detail how

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I found two MME UE S1-AP IDs i.e. MME UE S1AP ID (Mandatory) and MME UE S1AP ID 2 (optional).
I got why mandatory one is present but what's use of optional one.

Can someone please explain it ?

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Unlike for A3 and A5 events, for A6 event frequency offset is not considered while evaluating entering and leaving condition. Can anyone please explain this particular case ?