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Desktop switching using mouse

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In Unity 3D (using is Compiz-Fusion), I can set keyboard short-cuts as well as mouse short-cuts. For instance, I switch to the next and previous virtual desktop using button 8 and 9 on my mouse. Very
convenient indeed. Right now I am testing the Unity 2D mode, which doesn't involve Compiz-Fusion, as it seems, and I can only find where to set the keyboard short-cuts, nothing for the mouse. Where did they
hide it?

posted May 14, 2013 by anonymous

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I went to the web page, clicked and came to this page:

There's no download button at all. Only a "Pay with Paypal" button. How can I download the latest Ubuntu 15.04 desktop?

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I installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on on an Acer Aspire 5715Z (Intel T2390 with 2Gb of RAM). I am experiencing a weird problem:

Every time I open Google and visit the Extensions Gallery, the whole Unity Desktop crashes. Restarting the LightDM service doesnt help and I have to reboot the machine.

I tried to delete the profile directory under $HOME/.local/google-chrome/ - same...

Another weird problem - every time I enter the desktop I have to unlock the Login Keyring, although I have changed the password to a blank password....

Any pointer would be helpful.

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Anyone know of a tool to create SVG files (or similar) using some kind of macro or command line?
For instance, if I want to draw several lines start starts at the same point, have the same length but different angles (this example is written in some kind of Basic looking pseudo code):

drawline x,y,length,0
drawline x,y,length,1.4
drawline x,y,length,2,8
drawline x,y,length,4.2
drawline x,y,length,5.6
drawline x,y,length,7.0

Or maybe even better; something like this:

For Angle=0 To 180 Step 1.4
 drawline x,y,length,angle
Next Angle

Another acceptable approach would be:

For Angle=0 To 180 Step 1.4
  drawline xStart,yStart,xEnd,yEnd
Next Angle

I have had a quick look at Inkscape but I couldnt find any kind of command line or macro programming IDE there.

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I have a Ubuntu server running NGINX that logs data for me. I want to write a python script that reads my customized logs and after a little rearrangement save the new data into my DB (postgresql).

The process should run about every 5 minutes and i'm expecting large chunks of data on several 5 minute windows..

My plan for achieving this is to install python on the server, write a script and add it to cron.

My question is what the simplest way to do this? should I use any python frameworks?
For my python app I'm using Django, but on this server I just need to read a file, do some manipulation and save to DB.