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How to upgrade hadoop from 2.0 to hadoop 2.4.0?

+1 vote

I currently have a hadoop 2.0 cluster in production, I want to upgrade to latest release.
current version: hadoop version Hadoop 2.0.0-cdh4.6.0

Cluster has the following services:
hbase hive hue impala mapreduce oozie sqoop zookeeper

Can someone point me to how to upgrade hadoop from 2.0 to hadoop 2.4.0?

posted Apr 10, 2014 by Jagan Mishra

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1 Answer

+1 vote

provides instructions to upgrade from CDH4 to CDH5 (which bundles Hadoop 2.3.0). If you intention is to use CDH5 that should help you.

If your intention is to use Apache Hadoop 2.4.0, some of CDH documentation above may still be relevant.

answer Apr 10, 2014 by Anderson
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