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Do 3gpp specifications covers all the scenarios ?

+4 votes

I have general query in my Mind that does 3GPP covers all the real time scenarios in their written specifications. Like collision scenarios, all negative scenarios and so many which even can occur when you actually implement your network. Is it true or invalid that they covers almost everything?

posted Apr 9, 2014 by Karan Joglekar

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1 Answer

+3 votes

No, 3GPP mainly concentrates on the positive scenarios. No, doubt they consider some of the exceptions in case of collisions but not in deep way.
For instance i can tell you for random search procedure there are chances of collisions to get the preamble first. So this scenario has been fully described by them. It is one of the example. Like in this way there might be few more cases.

But in general Operators will have lot of discussions with Vendors for actual implementations. Whatever is defined by 3gpp those things they have to include but there are lot of other things which varies Operator to Operator.

When we do our product testing we usually do our sanity and whatever is defined by 3gpp or RFC spec. But performance has defined no where in those documents but we do those all things. Performance was just an example to tell you that they can not defined each and every parameter in white papers. It would be very difficult.

answer Apr 10, 2014 by Hiteshwar Thakur
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If I concentrate on 3GPP spec numbers then it seems it has some logic to pick a number for a particular interface.
For example: MME has interface with HSS (s6a) and SGW (S11). The details of S6a interface messages captured in 29,272 (Diameter protocol based) while S11 interface messages captured in 29.274 (GTP based). Both interface specification number is started with 29 series even though both the interfaces are based on different protocols i.e. Diameter and GTP.

Any lead on this question will help me out to keep remember the specification numbers.
My friend has been asked for the specification numbers during the interview. Reason being, I asked this question in this forum.
Thanks in advance.

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