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Put some light on SCC-AS (Service Centralization and Continuity Application Server)?

0 votes

How Terminating Access Domain (T-ADS) selects at the SCC-AS ?

posted Apr 3, 2014 by Pankaj Deshmukh

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1 Answer

0 votes

Hello, upon receiving terminating invite SCCAS would check if the subscriber is ims registered or not. If its not ims registered it it would perform a user data request for csrn number And route the request to cscf where bgcf function route the call.

If the subscriber is ims registered, it would intiate diameter udr request reueating tads information to hss. Hss based on the subscription and location of subscriber would return two parameter which are ims over ps session true/false and subscriber location which could be ps or cs. If the location is ps the invite would be routed back to scscf which would route the call to terminating pcscf. Othetwise if the location is cs or ims over ps session is not supported the subscriber would be routed to cs using csrn routing same as unregistered case.

answer Jun 21, 2018 by anonymous
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How does VoLTE call connection work for following two variations ?
- VoLTE services within the same operator (cal originator and call receiver both the parties belong to same operator)
- VoLTE services across the different operator (call originator and receiver both belong to different operators)

Which are all operators implemented these two variations in their deployed network ?

+1 vote

As specified in the TR 23.749 (Study on S8HR architecture for VoLTE), for calls to a non detectable emergency call, the P-CSCF may return the SIP response 380 "Alternative service".
Referring on the RFC3261 (SIP), the SIP response 380 should include the alternatives services in the message body.
Based on this content, the UE may either retry the call in CS domain (CSFB) or retry a VoLTE call to an alternatives local P-CSCF (unauthorized emergency call in VPLMN).

However, in the last RFC3261 I have (December 7th 2015) the message body format within the response 380 is not defined and is subject to future standardization.

May someone have more information about the format of the message bodies with the SIP result 380?

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