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Need to convert data into Dat files via Informatica

+1 vote

I am new to Informatica

I have one staging table where data comes everyday and I need to extract data from this staging table and convert it into Dat file format and place in into a folder. so that these dat files could be a feed for another process.

I dont know how informatica does this (Conversion of data from Staging table to Dat). So please help me to know how Informatica fetch the data from staging table, transform it into Dat file and place it into a folder.

posted Apr 3, 2014 by Pooja Bhanout

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1 Answer

0 votes

To create a pipe-delimited flat file...

Go to the Target Designer - Select Target->Create then choose Flat File. Then double click on the file, and in the 'Table' tab, at the bottom right select 'Advanced' and choose your delimiter. Then you can add your columns, specify the file location and all is well!

Another solution is you will need to define a source definition based on your staging table, a target definition based on your final file format and then create the mapping,session and workflow that link the two.

.Dat file is not a complete description for the file, since any file can be renamed to a .dat file. You'll need to decide how the data would be separated in this file (commas? tabs? pipes?). Remember all downstream processes will then use this file as input, so you need to publish this format too

answer Apr 4, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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+1 vote

I have data in table A as below

Assetid   attribute   value
    1546    Ins_date   05062011
    1546    status     active
    1546    X          10.4567
    1546    Y          27.56
    1546    size       17
    675     X          4.778
    675     Y          53.676
    675     depth      5
    675     st_date    06092010

I have data as above in table A. This table has many Assetids 1546,675,....etc. attributes might vary for assets.

I want output as below:

assetid  ins_date  status  X        Y       Size  depth  st_date
1546     05062011  active  10.4567  27.56   17    null   null
675      null      null    4.778    53.676  null  5      06092010

I have created Stored procedure, then called in Informatica to achieve this output. However, since i have large volume of data, it is taking much time to load.

Please suggest me other easy and best way to load it.

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I have source column(amount) with datatype string, contains the datas like $793.00, $5791.00,...

I need to load this same data into the target table column(amount) with datatype NUMBER

How can i get this same data with '$' symbol in target by using expression transformation in informatica?

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I am working on a new requirment and I am new into this. So seeking your help. Requriment - From Siebel base tables (S_ORG_EXT,S_CONTACT,S_PROD_INT) I have to export data and need to put into two staging tables (S1 and S2) and from these staging tables I need to create dat files pipe delimited that include row count also. For staging table S1, we should have Accounts with their associated contacts and for S2, we should have account with its associated contact and Product.

How should I need to go about this. Should I need to use Informatica job directly to pull data from Siebel base tables or need to run EIM export job to get data in EIM table and from there to staging table.

Kindly help me know which way I should go.

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In my case, i have an expression transformation which uses the default function ERROR('transformation') to skip the records in which date value coming inside is not in the correct format. In this, the skipped rows are not written to the reject files, so that we are getting the reconcilation problem. I need the skipped rows to be written to the bad files.Please help me how can i achieve this.

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