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Test connection failed in Informatica Developer

+3 votes

I am working with Informatica Developer - Power-Center. I have it installed on 2 computers: my local PC and the MS Server where the Informatica Server is also installed.

I defined a new connection and tested it by clicking Test Connection. On my PC the test works fine but when I test the connection on the server the test fails with the following error: "[REL_10611] Error returned during ODBC access. ErrorCode=[-1]. Reason=[[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified]."

Another strange thing is that the mapping that includes a relational data object that uses this connection works even on the server and adds row to the DB. Does anybody know why this could be happening? Is this a bug in the Informatica Developer?

posted Mar 26, 2014 by Rohini Agarwal

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1 Answer

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Did you create the ODBC data source on the server? The data source needs to be created on both your local PC and on the server. When using the Developer Tool (and the Power Center client tools for that matter), some operations are executed from your local workstation and some are executed on the Data Integration Service (DIS).

answer Mar 26, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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I want to auto run the failed session. How can I achieve this? I tried it by enabling Auto recover terminated task property in workflow. But it is not working. It is not being rerun on failure.

Any suggestion will be helpful?

+1 vote

While Installing Informatica i am getting this ERROR....

The command to create the domain failed. Select OK to correct the domain information and try the command again. Select Continue to continue the installation without creating the domain. You can run the command to create the domain after installation. Review the log files for more information.

Informatica_9.0.1_Services_HotFix2.log [LOG FILES SAY'S]
Domain name: : Domain_SONY 
Node host name: : SONY 
Node name: : node01_SONY 
Node port number: : 6005 
LOGS_DIRECTORY : C:\Informatica\9.0.1\isp\logs 
BACKUP_DIRECTORY : C:\Informatica\9.0.1\server\infa_shared\Backup 
DOMAIN_USER : Administrator 
  DOMAIN_PSSWD : ***** 
    NODEOPTIONS_XML : C:\Informatica\9.0.1\isp\bin\nodeoptions.xml 

 Exit Code : -1 

OutPut : [ICMD_10033] Command [defineDomain] failed with error [[INFASETUP_10002} Cannot create domain, operation failed with error: [INFASETUP_10000] C:\Informatica\9.0.1\tomcat\conf\server.xml (The system cannot find the file specified).]. Error :

 I Think i need to fix server.xml file but HOW?  


+2 votes

I have a mapping which I need to be able to run against multiple source schemas (having the same structure), one schema at-a-time. Given the number of schemas, I would rather not set up a session for each schema in order to specify a particular mapping connection, as that will require new sessions to be added as new schemas are added.

Is it possible to set up a workflow in such a way that the data source connection for a mapping within a session is defined (or passed in as a parameter of some sort) at run-time?

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