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What is translation unit in c++?

+2 votes
What is translation unit in c++?
posted Mar 25, 2014 by Maninder Bath

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1 Answer

0 votes

C++ programs are organised into different source files (.cpp, .cxx etc). When you consider a source file, at the pre-processing stage, some extra content may get added to the source code ( for example, the contents of header files included) and some content may get removed ( for example, the part of the code in the #ifdef of #ifndef block which resolve to false/0 based on the symbols defined). This effective content is called a translation unit.

answer Mar 26, 2014 by Parampreet Kaur
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I am using the -fdump-translation-unit option of GCC to parse C enum/structure/union/arrays. Consider the below code

enum eDAY
 monday = 0,

enum eDAY day = monday;

I can get all the members of the enumerator parsing the dump of GCC. But if the below declaration was not present

enum eDAY day = monday;

GCC's dump doesn't have any information about the members of the enumerator. The same problem exists with structures/unions etc. How can I solve this problem. Is there some kind of optimization flag which I need to turn off so that GCC parses all the objects even if it is not used ?

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