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omnicontacts open in popup for rails app?

+1 vote

I am using omni_contacts gem in my application. How can I open Facebook in a popup & after login redirect to the app closing the popup with results ?

Please help?

posted Mar 21, 2014 by Parveen

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I already searched for the above error and found that its because of the difference in encoding in mysql and rails. The solution suggested by many programmers is to alter the encoding in mysql database to utf8. But I also read that MySQL's utf8 charset only partially implements proper UTF-8 encoding. It can only store UTF-8-encoded symbols that consist of one to three bytes; encoded symbols that take up four bytes aren't supported. Which might cause trouble in some other cases. Also, when I tried to insert the value directly in mysql, it worked like a charm. Suggesting that the issue might lie elsewhere. So, can anyone please suggest the right method to rectify this problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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How can I best deal with it ?

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How can I find out where is the bottle neck ? Maybe it is link with network, as my second apps is making external requests ? Or maybe IO access as my second apps is also reading and writting in the ssd disk..

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