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How to run only failed sessions in a workflow

+1 vote

In a workflow there are sessions connected in parallel and in sequence. Suppose some sessions which are in parallel and in sequential mode are failed, How do I restart the workflow with only failed sessions. How can I design this in Informatica?

posted Mar 21, 2014 by Pooja Bhanout

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1 Answer

+1 vote

A large publishing client asked us to implement something similar to what you asked. We crated a database table to keep track of successful sessions within a workflow. Each session will have a mapping at the end that adds an entry to database which says I passed or failed. When we try to run in a recovery mode we query the database at the beginning of each session to find out if we need to run this session or not.

We also provided a web interface to this table where business users can manually choose which session to run or escape based on their needs.

answer Mar 21, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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As an SQA, I need to verify that all connections associated with a set of workflows have been updated. How can I view all connections associated with a workflow? Is there a connection, or connections, assigned to individual workflows, or would I need to find the connections for each individual session? If so, how do I view the connection(s) of a session?

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we have two informatica jobs that run parallel . one starts at 11.40 cet and it has around 300 informatica workflows in it out of which one is fact_sales. the other job runs at 3.40 cet and it has around 115 workflows in it many of which are dependent on fact_sales in term of data consistency. the problem is fact_sales should finish before certain workflows in process 2 starts for data to be accurate. but this doesnt happen generally. what we are trying to do is to split the process 2 in such a way that fact_sales dependent workflows run only after the fact_sales has finished . can you provide me a way to go about writing a unix shell script that check the status of this fact_sales and if it successfull then kicks off other dependent workflows and if not then it should send a failure mail.


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