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What is the function of BCCH in automatic neighbor relation (ANR)?

+2 votes

And what is the information contained in the BCCH ?

posted Mar 1, 2014 by Sanketi Garg

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2 Answers

+2 votes

BCCH can be either BCCH-BCH (Carries MIB) or DL-SCH(Carries SIB).

BCCH may be helpful for ANR as To Maintain NRT table and sending X2-Set up Request Source ENB need to know about the Target ECGI ,so Source ENB may request for ECGI of target to UE and UE reads it from SIB1 which comes in BCCH-DL-SCH.

let's wait for others to answer and more info ...

answer Mar 2, 2014 by Sachidananda Sahu
+2 votes

BCCH contains SIB1 which contains Cell Global Identity (CGI) required by the ANR.

SIB1 contains:
PLMN identity : Upto 6 PLMN identies can be specified
Tracking area code: Range from 0 to 65546
Cell Id: It contains eNB identity and has length of 28 bits
Cell barred: whether cell is barred or not
Intra Frequency cell reselection info: To select other cells when the target cell is barred
CSG indication: To indicate whether this cell is CSG cell or not. If it is CSG cell, then CSG identity stored in the UE should match with CSG id of the cell
q-RxLevMin: Minimum required level in the cell
Band indicator: Cell frequency band indicator

answer Mar 3, 2014 by Luv Kumar
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I just thought of a situation ,

As each ENB does S1 connection with consider 3 ENBs(those are nearer to each other) did S1-Setup with a particular MME.

After S1-Set up done can we have/add some intelligence (Based on some identity ) at MME to know who all are neighbor for whom?

If we will know about this we can make X2 -relation with neighbor easily ,so that we can reduce the overhead of getting info of neighbor ENBs.

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Does UE reports neighbor cells in order of RSRP in measurement report of A3 event ?

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