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What are reflexive associations in class diagrams?

+2 votes
What are reflexive associations in class diagrams?
posted Feb 27, 2014 by Merry

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Need inputs on converting the UML to restful API. From where should i start.I know the basics of rest and have knowledge of djangorestframework. How UML can be converted to rest api. After all UML is just a modelling way to design and architect.

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Could anybody send me some examples of UML diagrams (CLASS DIAGRAM, USE CASE DIAGRAM, SEQUENCE DIAGRAM, COLLABORATION DIAGRAM and ACTIVITY DIAGRAM) of handover procedures (Inter eNB Handover, Inter RAT Handover and Intra eNB Handover) ?

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I have 2 nodes MSC & SCP and I need to create multiple associations with the details as follows.

Association Name                 SCTP-endpoints      IP            Port
AS1                              MSC and SCTP       1111
AS2                              MSC and SCTP       1112
AS3                              MSC and SCTP       1113

Is it possible with above information for each association SCTP-Endpoints remains same, but port is different.

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