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What are the standard frequency bands? Their frequency and wavelength ?

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In Telecommunication what are the frequency bands available and their wavelength and distance covered ?

posted Feb 23, 2014 by Bhani Bhosle

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1 Answer

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Different frequency ranges are given different names.
*Designation Frequency Wavelength*

ELF Extremely low frequency 3Hz to 30Hz 100'000km to 10'000 km
SLF Super low frequency 30Hz to 300Hz 10'000km to 1'000km
ULF Ultra low frequency 300Hz to 3000Hz 1'000km to 100km
VLF very low frequency 3kHz to 30kHz 100km to 10km
LF low frequency 30kHz to 300kHz 10km to 1km
MF medium frequency 300kHz to 3000kHz 1km to 100m
HF high frequency 3MHz to 30MHz 100m to 10m
VHF very high frequency 30MHz to 300MHz 10m to 1m
UHF ultrahigh frequency 300MHz to 3000MHz 1m to 10cm
SHF Super high frequency 3GHz to 30GHz 10cm to 1cm
EHF extremely high frequency 30GHz to 300GHz 1cm to 1mm

Different frequency bands are suitable for different usages (applications).
Different band also gives different letters.
1-2 GHz 30-15 cm ..................L Band
2-4 GHz 15-7.5 cm .................S Band
4-8 GHz 7.5-3.75 cm ..............C Band
8-12 GHz 3.75-2.50 cm.......... X Band
12-18 GHz 2.5-1.67 cm .........Ku Band
18-27 GHz 1.67-1.11 cm .......K Band
27-40 GHz 1.11 cm-7.5 mm ..Ka Band

answer Feb 24, 2014 by Hiteshwar Thakur
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