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Automatic CC or BCC in outlook 2013

+2 votes

I want to setup default CC in my outlook so that each mail which I sent should have my Manager in CC

posted Feb 18, 2014 by Avinash Shukla

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1 Answer

+1 vote

For making default CC:

Go to file --> Info --> Rules and Alerts on window will come

Then on this window click on new rule button (top left)

Then select Apply Rule on message I sent and click on Next

Then select sent to people or public group and select people from Address Book on double click on name and click OK.

Then rule will come to bottom text area of windows then click Next

Given some name to this rule and click on finish to finish this activity.

Send one test mail to verify.

After that when you want to edit or delete rule You need to select rule name which you provided for this rule.

answer Feb 18, 2014 by Amit Kumar Pandey
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