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How to do http send\receive in windows 7

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If an application requires to use http send\receive functionality in windows, what are the windows APIs and ways to use them. For e.g. cURL APIs.

posted Apr 19, 2013 by Raj Verma

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Please explain your question in more detail, may be bit specific so that I can help.

1 Answer

+1 vote
answer Apr 19, 2013 by Salil Agrawal
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In Windows XP, Folder Option would include the ability to show hidden files and folder. So how to I show them on Windows 7 Pro?

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I want the images should be accessible as part of http page only not by any other mean, no clue any suggestion would have great help.

+2 votes

I have task to validate or parse following http header


lets take Accept-Language as an example , if header language comes other than en-us I should reject the request with customized code response.

let me know ways to achieve the task? can we do with any configuration files?
We are using tomcat 6.0.18

+1 vote

I've got a very feeble web server. The crypto handshaking involved in opening an https: connection takes 2-3 seconds. That would be fine if a browser opened a single connection and then sent a series of requests on that connection to load the various elements on a page.

But that's not what browsers do. They all seem to open whole handful of connections (often as many as 8-10) and try to load all the page's elements in parallel. That turns what would be a 3-4 second page load time (using a single connection) into a 20-30 second page load time. Even with plaintext http: connections, the multi-connection page load time is slower than the single-connection load time, but not by as large a factor.

Some browsers have user-preference settings that limit the max number of simultaneous connections to a single server (IIRC the RFCs suggest a max of 4, but most browsers seem to default to a max of 8-16).

What I really need is an HTTP header or meta-tag or something that I can use to tell clients to limit themselves to a single connection.

I haven't been able to find such a thing, but I'm hoping I've overlooked something...