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How to disable NTP on Fedora as it is slowing down system shutdown

+4 votes

I am running Fedora 20 x86_64. Its on a private network not connected to the Internet, and with no NTP server. When I shut down the machine, it pauses for more than a minute at a stop job is running for NTP client/server. I dont think I enabled NTP when I installed it, but Ive done

systemctl disable ntpd.service 

and the same for ntpdate and sntp, but it still pauses for that stop job. Why is it doing that, and what can I do to make it skip that?

posted Feb 11, 2014 by Majula Joshi

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1 Answer

+1 vote

One of the first things to learn is that "disable" doesn't mean "disable". "mask" means "disable". (Something that's merely the former can be started by other things.) So, you could try 'systemctl mask ntpd.service".

You may want to try chrony instead, by the way. Not to be confused with cronie

answer Feb 11, 2014 by anonymous
Or you could use "systemctl -f shutdown" to tell systemd to stop waiting on all the furshlugginer services it desperately wants to shutdown "cleanly" (which won't make a particle of difference unless you are running something like a database server that really does need to shutdown cleanly). With -f all it does is sync the disks and go bye-bye.
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