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Best approach to combine frameworks in github?

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I'm new to git, and having done a fair bit of reading up I've set up a github account ready to get started.

I plan to combine elements of Inuit CSS ( ) with Bones ( ) to create my own starter framework for Wordpress projects.

My question is should I fork each of these projects and clone them locally, then edit/combine and upload to a new repository? The help info regarding forking appears to imply that you would fork a repository when you were looking to contribute to the original repository rather than create a derivative work, or perhaps that is just the most common use case?

The other option I can see is to just download the repository for each as a zip file, combine/edit and then upload them to a new repository.

Is there a benefit to either route or perhaps another approach that I might be missing?

posted Jun 7, 2013 by anonymous

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I was hoping that somebody could give me advice since I'm new to git.

I'll be installing a couple of projects from github on our servers, and adding some features.

Should I create a repository on our server (e.g. in /opt/git/), add the github project as a remote, and create a branch? Then on my local machine add our server as the remote and then pull / push with that?

On the server there will be two web directories: stable and dev. I was planning for these to be branches, and then just pull from the server repository using the local protocol.

I think it would mean sorting out merge actions on the server. I'm hoping to be able to fetch and integrate updates from the developer's github repository, but without making things more complicated than they need to be.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I was learning to user git-bash and github. As part of tutorial we were asked to set username & password through git-bash command line and create an account in github. But since I already set the email through gitbash global config, I am not allowed to create account or create a password for my account .

Please let me know how can I create a account in github or delete the entry to start fresh.