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LTE: What is the use of "AllowedMeasBandwidth" parameter inside MeasObjectEUTRA ?

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I am curious to know the significance of "AllowedMeasBandwidth" parameter. How does it impact for an UE.

posted Feb 4, 2014 by Ganesh Kumar

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2 Answers

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I have not much detailed knowledge on this topic. But I would like to share my understanding.
When RRC Connection reconfiguration message is sent to an UE with measConfig.
MeasConfig IE contains MeasObjectToAddModList IE. Which in turn has list of MeasObjects of each technology (E-UTRAN, UTRAN, GERAN, CDMA2000).

MeasObject related to E-UTRAN is known as measObjectEUTRA.
measObjectEUTRA carries information related to E-UTRAN configuration.
I have list some of the parameters within measObjectEUTRA.
1. CarrierFreq
2. allowedMeasBandwidth -> This tells to Ue that for a configured carrierfreq use either 6RBs, 15 RBs, 25RBs, 50RBs, 75RBs, 100RBs while reading RS from PDSCH channel.

answer Mar 3, 2014 by Harshita
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according to 36.331
the description of allowedMeasBandwidth as below
If absent, the value corresponding to the downlink bandwidth indicated by the dl-Bandwidth included in
MasterInformationBlock applies.

so we can know that UE can use this IE to get the dl-Bandwidth without MIB.

answer Jan 17, 2018 by Nan Zhang