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Generate random number form 1 - 100 with probability of 1/100.

+6 votes

Generate random number form 1 - 100 with probability of 1/100.You are not allowed to used rand() function.
Any simple way of achieving above with using any complex implementation of random number generators algorithm.

posted Feb 2, 2014 by Atiqur Rahman

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Simple method is to take the system time and mod it with 100 which will give you number from 0-99 with 1/100 probability each as you want 1-100 not 0-99 so just add 1 which will make it 1-100 with each one as 1/100 probability.

System time is a uniform distribution...
Sir .. i think you are talking about something like
result = (rand()%100)+1;? (which explicitly mentioned not to do so)
if not so will you elaborate little more?
No i have not said to use rand method, my simple algo is -
Step1: Take the unix time say T
Step 2: r = (T mod 100) + 1

Thats it...
Well the other way to achieve this. True.!!! there any algorithm to do so??
I didn't get???
Sir... I am asking for algorithm, without using time, if it is possible??
There is no such thing called pure random so the best way is to use time method. However internet is flooded with many algos check these -

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