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NFS HDFS gateway with kerberos

+2 votes

Does anyone know if the NFS HDFS gateway is currently supported on secure clusters using Kerberos for Hadoop 2.2.0? We are using HDP 2.0 and looking to use NFS gateway

posted Jan 31, 2014 by Jai Prakash

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1 Answer

+1 vote

HDFS-5804 ( ) allows the NFS gateway to communicate with a secured Hadoop cluster using Kerberos. HDFS-5086 will add RPCSEC_GSS authentication support to NFS gateway.

answer Jan 31, 2014 by Seema Siddique
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I have a use case where I need to transfer files from windows to HDFS. I cannot use flume because the folder and file structure need to be replicated as they are. HDFS NFS is the perfect thing for this use case, I was able to mount hdfs on windows, but when I try to write to it I get the following error.

ERROR nfs3.RpcProgramNfs3: Setting file size is not supported when creating file: 
New Text Document.txt dir fileId:463160

Is there any way to resolve this, so that I can successfully write from windows to HDFS NFS?

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Our hadoop cluster is using HDFS Federation, but when use the following command to report the HDFS status

$ ./hdfs dfsadmin -reportreport: FileSystem viewfs://nsX/ is not an HDFS file system
Usage: hdfs dfsadmin [-report] [-live] [-dead] [-decommissioning]

It gives me the following message that viewfs is NOT HDFS filesystem. Then how can I proceed to report the hdfs status

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I am writing temp files to HDFS with replication=1, so I expect the blocks to be stored on the writing node. Are there any tips, in general, for optimizing write performance to HDFS? I use 128K buffers in the write() calls. Are there any parameters that can be set on the connection or in HDFS configuration to optimize this use pattern?

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I was trying to implement a Hadoop/Spark audit tool, but l met a problem that I can't get the input file location and file name. I can get username, IP address, time, user command, all of these info from hdfs-audit.log. But When I submit a MapReduce job, I can't see input file location neither in Hadoop logs or Hadoop ResourceManager.

Does hadoop have API or log that contains these info through some configuration ?If it have, what should I configure?

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