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Can two Rails versions use one database?

+6 votes

Our Application require (Rails1 and Rail 4: Users would see a mix of the two versions. Some pages would be served by Rails 1 and others by Rails 4.) both the Rails 1 and Rails 4 versions to use the same database. Will this work? What problems with this approach should we be anticipating?

posted Jan 30, 2014 by Deepti Singh

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Users of my system will be uploading an excel spreadsheet. The issue is should I just read straight from this excel spreadsheet into my front-end or should I load this spreadsheet into my MySQL database and then to my front-end.

I have asked numerous people about this issue and have researched on-line to no avail.

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How can I separate the database DBA user and app access user in rails? The app user will be able to run the app but perform no DDL. The DBA user will be used for migrations.

I do not want the user that runs the rails app to be able to create, drop or modify database objects. This type of user access-rights separation is a pretty minimal best practice and I am concerned that this does not seem to be the norm in the rails world. What am I missing?

My current thinking is that I should create 2 stanzas per database in the database.yml file. One for the dba user and one for the normal app user. Does anyone have any better suggestions?

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How can I use ruby on rails input field selector?

This is form:

   validators: {
     notEmpty: {
       message: 'The company name is required and cannot be empty'
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I have couple of databases named as abc, xyz. If I want to use database "xyz" then type command "use xyz". Command in console show output as "switched to db xyz" but still an user uses commands start with "db" rather than actual name "xyz" why ?

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