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Please explain Difference between Response.Redirect and Server.Transfer

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Please explain Difference between Response.Redirect and Server.Transfer
posted Jan 25, 2014 by Prachi Agarwal

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2 Answers

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Response.Redirect simply sends a message down to the (HTTP 302) browser.

Server.Transfer happens without the browser knowing anything, the browser request a page, but the server returns the content of another.

answer Jan 26, 2014 by Sheetal Chauhan
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Following are the major differences between them:-
‘Response.Redirect’ sends message to the browser saying it to move to some different page,
while server. Transfer does not send any message to the browser but rather redirects the user
directly from the server itself. So in ‘server.transfer’ there is no round trip while
‘response.redirect’ has a round trip and hence puts a load on server.
Using ‘Server.Transfer’ you cannot redirect to a different from the server itself. Example if your
server is you can not use server.Transfer to move to but
yes, you can move to, i.e. with in websites. Cross server redirect is
possible only by using Response. Redirect.
With ‘server.transfer’ you can preserve your information. It has a parameter called as
“preserveForm”. Therefore, the existing query string etc. will be able in the calling page.
If you are navigating within the same website use “Server. Transfer” or else go for “response.
Redirect ()”

answer Feb 19, 2014 by Atul Mishra
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