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Clear Case Version Control System daily used commands

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Clearcase is one of the best version control System developed by IBM but having a costly license. Many big companies using Clearcase to store their assets and doing development in clearcase environment .
Here I am giving daily used command :

1. How to create dynamic view
$ cleartool mkview -tag view_tag -stgloc -auto (where -stgloc is default view storage and view_tag is view name)

2. How to set view
$ cleartool setview view_name

3. How to see your view name (present working view)
$cleartool pwv

4. How to create element type
$cleartool mkeltype element_name (Element is file or directory)
After creating element type create element using below command
$cleartool mkelem element_name

5. How to take checkout for modification
$cleartool co element_name

6. After modification you can check In that element
$cleartool ci element_name

7. How to check Checkout elements by your view recursively in current directory:
$cleartool lsco -r -s -cview

8. How to create branch type in your vob:
$cleartool mkbrtype branch_name (You can create Label type, Attribute type and other type as well just use mklbtype, mkartype so on)

9. How to see lsvtree of element (Only editor which support GUI)
$cleartool lsvtree -g element_name

10. How to check merge requirement with your view from any label in your directory recursively
$cleartool findmerge directory-path -fver label-name -print (This will print all elements which needs to be merged from that label ant place of label you can give branch name as well)

11. How merge these elements print by above command:
$cleartool findmerge directory-path -fver label-name -merge

12. How to merge directory
$cleartool merge -to . -qall -version branch-name/LATEST

13. Recursively apply a label a directory and all its content:
$cleartool mklabel -r -rep label-name directory-name

14. How to know everything about any type(branch, label, hyperlink, attribute)
$cleartool desc -long -type test_br /This is branch type/

15. How to rename any type (branch label etc)
$cleartool rename brtype:old_branch brtype:new_branch

posted Jan 20, 2014 by Amit Kumar Pandey

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