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LTE: How does handover works differently for HeNB i as compared to macro eNB ?

+3 votes
LTE: How does handover works differently for HeNB i as compared to macro eNB ?
posted Jan 15, 2014 by Harshita

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Hi to everyone,
how much energy a handover execution cost to a UserEquipment?
I mean from the energetic point of view the whole handover Processing/Signaling is made in the enBs and MME, the only amount of energy spent in the user equipment other than the measurement report that triggers the HO is the energy spent is in the RRC Configuration (SETTING THE RADIO INTERFACE TO COMMUNICATE TO HenB ).
Anyone has some reference about the RRC Reconfiguration cost in energy for the User Equipment?
I have been looking in the internet but there are just papers talking about the consumption on the multimedia applications, but not how much the signalling costs for a UE.

+2 votes

If the answer is not then list provide the list of features than can be deferred for home eNodeB and what are the reasons not supporting a particular feature at the Home eNodeB ?

+1 vote

Suppose a macro eNodeB supports multiple cells. Does each cell has its own instance for each layer or one instance of each protocol layer can handle more than one cell ?

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As part of S1-AP procedure with MME relocation, Handover Required message sent to source MME. Target eNodeBId is present within the handover required. How source MME figure out target cell is being served by XYZ MME and sends "Forward relocation Request" message to XYZ MME.

Please provide reference also if it is there ?

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