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How to load a cronjob without crontab command?

+2 votes

In my linux system I want to start a cronjob but don't want to enter the enter the cronjob using 'crontab -e' rather want to enter without using 'crontab -e' may be via a script.

Any suggestion on how to achieve this?

posted Jan 14, 2014 by Salil Agrawal

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1 Answer

+1 vote
Best answer

the command which can take instruction from stdin and load as crontab is crontab - so you need to take the old crontab and append your command and load it as new crontab.

Try the following script -

newcmd="* * * * * /home/ >/dev/null 2>&1"
(crontab -l; echo "$newcmd") | crontab -
answer Jan 14, 2014 by Luv Kumar
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Any suggestions

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