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How We can recover my data from my home directory I deleted accidently?

+2 votes
How We can recover my data from my home directory I deleted accidently?
posted Jan 12, 2014 by Neeraj Mishra

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1 Answer

+2 votes

For recovering the deleted data from your Linux home directory. If you already installed netapp on your system. Go to In home directory .snapshot directory.
You can get the deleted item from different directory like hourly.0 hourly.1 hourly.2 hourly.3 nightly.1

answer Jan 13, 2014 by Amit Kumar Pandey
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I want to set home directory permissions for newly created users to 0750. Instead of having to manually chmod 0750, I found out I could edit this behavior in /etc/adduser.conf:


Now here's a more tricky question. I have to create a series of users without shell access. What I'd usually do is something like this:

# useradd -m -g users -s /bin/false -c "abc" abc
# useradd -m -g users -s /bin/false -c "xyz" xyz

Unfortunately my DIR_MODE=0750 directive is not operative, and these users' home directories get created with default 0755 permissions.

Any idea if there's a secret trick or switch so they're directly created with 0750 permissions?

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I was playing with the permissions of


Could someone please tell me the commands to restore the correct permissions to those both directories?

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