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Which Web development technology is more advantageous and why, Java-based or PHP-based?

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What are the perceived advantages of one over other while deciding to choose the Web development technology, considering all aspects right from design to hosting.

posted Apr 8, 2013 by Raj Verma

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2 Answers

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PHP is ultimate if you know how to do it properly. Here's my 2 cent on choosing PHP
* Admin it : You don't have to write too much code for a small functionality.
* In PHP you can built : E.Commerce,Blog,Social Networking,Payment Gateway, News Portal,Chatting Application and soon there will be mobile apps(acc. to Zend Community).
* You can easily get PHP developers in less amount.
* PHP is oldest web development technology, it exist even before Java. There are tons of coding resources available on PHP.

Why choose Java for web development
* Java is more secure.
* Java is robust there are tons of libraries available in Java technology. You can implement very advanced feature in your java web application.
Some points
* Java is fantastic for scalable and enterprise application. Most new and small startup prefer not to choose java as it takes lot of time, 4-6 months to build a good web application. And start up want to hit the market before their competitor do.
* Java has a great demand in large enterprise based application,finance,bank,stock and some network based application.
* BUT Java is popular in Modern day application too, some examples are
1) Google Applications like : Google Web Toolkit
2) Play Framework
3) Amazon,Linkedin use Java alot.

Java and PHP both has their own pros and cons. Remember
- What you are building?
- What languages/technology you are comfortable with?
- Can you get help related to the choice of your technology?

answer Aug 17, 2014 by anonymous
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Here are few examples of technologies which are used for web development -

1. PHP
2. Java  or Java based
3. Ruby
4. Ruby on rails 

Ruby or RoR is used for the fast development cycle, but the disadvantages are it is CPU and memory intensive. Where as Java requires a long development cycle and PHP is in between but the good part with PHP is what for which you will get 90% of the code from internet and main work is to integrate the code in your frame work.

Just google Hip-Hop which make PHP code in the form of executable and the speed increases from 2 times to 6 times.

answer Apr 8, 2013 by Salil Agrawal
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