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MySQL doesn't start automatically on system boot

+1 vote

according to several webpages, once installed you can set the mysqld service enable and start automatically when fedora starts.

for that you must run:

systemctl enable mysqld.service
systemctl start mysqld.service

however in my case this only start mysqld service for the running time. Once computer is restarted, mysqld does not start automatically.

posted Jan 10, 2014 by Kiran Kumar

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Similar Questions
+1 vote

I want to execute

ethtool -s wan0 advertise 00c

at system boot, before networking comes up. The only thing I can come up with is to throw a systemd service,

But wondering if there isn't anything already that runs at system boot, whose purpose is something like that. Anyone know of a better way? rc-local.service runs after, that's too late, here.

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I am running a fully patched Fedora 21 system. We are trying to give it a long term lease in the DHCP server, but the MAC address sent changes on every boot. The MAC address seen at the DHCP server is not actually valid.

The DHCP server is like Win2008 Server R2.

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When I open a new XFCE terminal, the window title is "terminal".

If I ssh to another computer via ssh mooch, the title changes to "sdstern@mooch:~" Typing "exit" to return to my desktop does not affect the window title.

Starting clean, "ssh -p 12345" does NOT change the window title.

Anyone know what's going on with XFCE Terminal?

Also, this is exactly the same thing I see if I use gnome-terminal instead, so this is probably a Works-As-Designed. Help me understand the design!

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I have following requirement -
1. A graceful shutdown should run my stop script.
2. On boot I should able to start a program i.e. via script.
3. There should be a way to start and stop the program via script.

Any pointers.

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