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Android: Adding new Application while building?

0 votes

I am exploring android build system and have a question.
Example application is Calculator. I see the folder in packages/app/Calculator/ file, but this "Calculator" is not captured in the @ build/target/product/

Which .mk file contains 'Calculator'.?

posted Jan 4, 2014 by Meenal Mishra

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1 Answer

+1 vote
answer Jan 6, 2014 by Ahmed Patel
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I am often confused with Dex Optimization details. Here are few details I know of.

Kindly correct me if i am wrong ? While exploring the source code, i found that package manager scans all the external libraries, base frameworks, system packages, and vendor packages for dex optimization.

So, if I understand correct 'dex optimization' can be done both in compilation time and execution time.

Also, surfing in the internet, DISABLE_DEXPREOPT has an impact over this dex optimization when to be done?

Which one do I have to opt?


while building with the below command

make TARGET= droid -j6  

According to the source code, I understood if .odex is available as part of .jar or apk file, then it ignores dex optimization, while booting.

Kindly correct me if i am wong?. and suggest.

+1 vote

I'm building an application that can only be built from the Android source and can build it just fine from the command line. I'd like to be able to build from Eclipse for speed. I've tried these instructions:

But the instructions don't work anymore as the newer versions of eclipse seem to act quite differently that what is described here (I've tried 3.7 and 4.2). Both of those versions of Eclipse do not have the option number 5 in:

*   If Eclipse asks you for a workspace location, choose the default. 
*   If you have a "Welcome" screen, close it to reveal the Java perspective. 
*   File > New > Java Project 
*   Pick a project name, "android" or anything you like. 
*   Select "Create project from existing source", enter the path to your Android root directory, and click Finish. 
*   Wait while it sets up the project. (You'll see a subtle progress meter in the lower right corner.) 

So instead I tried to "Import" the source code but as some of the projects to import have duplicate names (which don't seem to be changeable). Even removing some of the duplicate projects leaves the overall state with tonnes of build errors.

So...are there better instructions out there for building with the most recent versions of eclipse?

+1 vote

I am working on a android based device used for biometrics capture (iris, fingerprint, face) and some amount of local matching.

We have platform that has 2GB of memory and we want to let Android apps have large enough memory heap.

I know one can build my custom rom with build.prop with custom dalvik.vm.heapgrowthlimit, dalvik.vm.heapsize , in our experiments setting this limit to be more than 1GB causes board boot failures.

Has anybody else experimented with increasing heap size for Android application, on custom rom? I am also looking at increasing cursor window memory size as some of the biometric data is stored in sqlite

Anybody else tried to wrangle Android platform to do more memory intensive applications any other places I should be looking to alter things?

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