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How to disable new bugs for a product in Bugzilla

+2 votes

How to disable new bugs for a product in Bugzilla? No one should be able to create new bugs under this product, but existing bugs should be left alone.

posted Jan 2, 2014 by Bob Wise

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Edit the components of xyz and disable the "Enabled For Bugs" checkbox for each of them.

1 Answer

+1 vote

Go to the product administration page and deselect "Open for bug entry".

answer Jan 2, 2014 by Anderson
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Is there a way to do this? What I mean is, I need a customer to be able to see bugs that they enter, in a product, but not our bugs on the same product.

I cannot figure out how to differentiate bugs in the same product, as there is no way to assign groups per "project" value in that instance.

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Can someone explain how to configure "Enable tags for bugs" in 4.5.6 version of Bugzilla.

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Or is there a work-around ? If a run a query to do this directly in the back-end DB, do I risk any sort of schema corruption?

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I want to give product wise access to users.

Product User Access
ABC Amol Yes
XYZ Amol No
PQR Manoj Yes

Currently when I click on the "New" bugzilla is showing all the created products.

Please help me to solve this issue.

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