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Peterson's solution to the critical section problem, is not guaranteed on modern architecture why?

+3 votes

The Peterson's solution to the critical section problem,

Init: flag[2]={False}  //two process problem
Init turn=i or j.
do {
flag [i] = TRUE;
turn= j;
while (flag[j] && turn==j);
critical section
 flag [i] = FALSE; 
remainder section
} while (TRUE);

hence there is no guarantee that this algorithm will work efficiently on Modern Architecture systems.(Ref:- Galvin Book Page No - 229 ), Why so, can somebody help me out?

posted Dec 28, 2013 by Atiqur Rahman

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Looks I have not understood the complete context, ie what is the problem what is the doubt. I hope you are talking about which has limitation on more then one CPU architecture, and works perfectly only on single CPU architecture which keep sequential operations intact.

Sorry I have not understood the code segment which you provided.
yeah as per may refer the book as per reference given... it is software solution, problem of multiple processor generally comes into hardware solutions(As same wikipedia page says below in Notes).
So what is the question? can you please elaborate?

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