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System error Concerning Samba

0 votes

When I connect my laptop to my samba network on my Ubuntu 12.04 box, and then shut down the lap top I get a system error on my desk top that is running Ubuntu.

A pop up box asks me if I am running a windows server. I tell it yes and it did work properly on Ubuntu 10.04.

Both computers can connect with each other, and I can transfer files back and forth from either one. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong. After I shut down the lap top is when I get the error.

Is there some way that I have to log the lap top out of the samba network before I turn of the lap top?

I have used Google and other searches to try and find out but have found nothing.

posted Jun 1, 2013 by anonymous

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Exactly what error are you receiving? A little more of a description would be helpful. :)

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