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Rails: How to post others wall using fb_grpah gem

+1 vote

I have tried to post others wall (means not in my friends list). Am getting the below error

Unsupported Get request.

Any suggestion.

posted Dec 26, 2013 by Sanketi Garg

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I did the following to implement cron jobs in rails 3 using a "runner" instead of a rake task.

STEP 1: I have whenever gem installed and scheduler.rb has following:
set :environment, development set :output, { :error => "/log/error.log", :standard => "/log/cron.log" } every 1.minute do runner "Cron.sendAutomaticsSMS()" end

Cron file: lib/cron.rb
class Cron $ # End Whenever generated tasks for: /code/rails_projects/new/bhk/bigbhk-dev/

Running cron job:
$sudo service cron restart cron stop/waiting cron start/running, process 4027

This does not do anything. I wait for operation as defined in sendAutomaticsSMS() method to execute but the cron doesnt even enter this method.

I dont see any error in log/development.log and there is no log/cron.log in my rails app.

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I have to build some report screeen for my project I want to use highcharts-rails gem to build this screen
I research some document about it but I want someone have ever done with highcharts-rails gem can give me some advice if I use highchart in Rails

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I've been trying to install and update different gems to work with Ruby on Rails, but keep getting the same error, apparently indicating I can't install or update any gem:

I generally type in something like:

gem update --system or gem install Rails --version 4.0.0 --no-ri --no-rdoc

And get the following:

ERROR: While executing gem ... (Errno::EINVAL)
Invalid Argument - socket(2) - udp

Note that I've proceeded to the same setup just a couple of days before on a different machine and had no problem.

I couldn't figure any place where this same Error was explained or encountered.

Anybody here can help out?

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I want to build a website like Mediafire where User can upload and download media files (Audio,Video,Images(All Formats)) and from already answered questions I have come through with a gem called paperclip.

so my question now is how do i integrate paperclip with devise(in order to build sign up form) and link my web pages with them ?

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