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question on removing tags in CVS

0 votes

We have a build system (created by other CMs before I arrived), that create a CVS tag of the head for each build before checking out and compiling etc. Needed to say after years there are many/hundreds of tags such as PROD-VER-YYYYMMDD. When we go to look for a certain version in eclipse there are so many I often get memory errors when trying to search.

Also - there are special tags created for the needed versions like general availability release versions, and the integration testing versions that are delivered to the testing team.

So i want to remove a lot of the old tags using "cvs rtag -d module". Is this OK? I have deleted a few and it seems ok.. If I keep cleaning so that many are removed will it be harmful to the history or the CVS repository. Does it take up more space via recording these changes or anything like that either?

posted May 30, 2013 by anonymous

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Let's say that I have created a sandbox containing code from a branch

 cvs co -r  project

I then spend a few weeks implementing changes in that sandbox (on the branch). In the meantime, other developers have committed changes to the trunk.

I then want to pull the latest changes to the trunk into my sandbox (on the branch). Will this command work in my sandbox to accomplish this?

cvs update -j HEAD
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I want to configure CVS on linux machine to maintain history and revision of files.

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We installed CVS server on some of our HP UX machines. Recently all these servers have been integrated with Active Directory for LDAP authentication.

Could someone please let me know how I can reconfigure the existing CVS on these servers to support PAM authentication without affecting any of the existing data?

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Is this a way to tag and entire repository structure without having to check it out first. We have a huge repository about 2GB of data at a remote site. Running a old version of CVS 1.11.23. Yeah I know its old, but I cant do anything about it.

Something like

cvs tag
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we have a cvs repository in use. it's been around for about 10 years. i'm looking to find a way to identify projects that haven't had commits since a certain date. any insights would be appreciated.

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