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Why LTE is better than WiMAX?

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LTE and WiMax both are ofdma based technologies, my question here is what is the reason why LTE is assumed to be better then WiMax.

posted Apr 1, 2013 by Salil Agrawal

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Technically both technologies are similar. Both uses OFDMA modulation scheme and MIMO to transmit the signals. Advantage for LTE technology is, it is defined by 3GPP and it is supported by many operators. So the LTE gained more popularity as 4G technology.
LTE offers bandwidth in the range of 100 mbps where WiMax is abou 10 mbps.
LTE is more popular, because applications like small cells supports handover with MACRO network. But wimax technology does not support Handover
None of the major telecom operators (read AT&T, Verizon, VodaFone etc...) were part of  the WiMax forum and all of them supported LTE hence it is more popular as compare to WiMax.

1 Answer

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answer Aug 23, 2013 by Anderson
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