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Lawful Interception in LTE?

+4 votes

How Lawful Interception works in LTE EPC and how it is different then UMTS...

posted Dec 9, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

LI works based on user's IMSI/MSISDN/IMEI. With Li we can capture user location as well as user traffic. There would not be any much diff between LTE and UMTS.

Mediation device will send request to PGW via SNMPV3 then PGW starts interception.

answer Dec 9, 2013 by sivanraj
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3GPP TS 33.107 describes about the Lawful Interception & 33.108 specifies about the HI interfaces
However, the specifications do not define the the X1_1 message flows (message contents) between the ADMF & the Network Entity. Any thoughts?

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