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What are the steps taken in SOAP processing model ?

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What are the steps taken in SOAP processing model ?
posted Dec 8, 2013 by Mona Sharma

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1 Answer

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SOAP stands for Simple object access protocol and it describes the distributed processing model. There are different nodes are used and they are termed as SOAP nodes. These acts as a receiver of the processes and allows the access to the messages as well. The nodes consists of the following process:

SOAP sender: it is a node that transmits the message received by the receiver.
SOAP receiver: it is a node that receives or accepts the message passed by the user.
SOAP message path: is a node that sets the path to make it easy for the messages to go along and reach its destination.
Initial SOAP sender: is also called as originator and it sends the message at the starting point of the message path and saves the settings there.
SOAP intermediary: is a in between the SOAP receiver and SOAP sender that contains the SOAP message. It processes the header blocks that forward the SOAP message to the receiver.
Ultimate SOAP receiver: is the node where the message gets received finally. This is responsible for the processing of the contents used by the SOAP body and the SOAP header also included in it.

answer Dec 9, 2013 by Kumar Mitrasen