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What is the means of Null Context in context of H.248?

+5 votes
What is the means of Null Context in context of H.248?
posted Dec 8, 2013 by Diya Sharma

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1 Answer

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A Context is a logical entity on an MG that is an association between a collection of Terminations. A NULL context contains all non-associated terminations.

These source or sink one or more media streams or control streams. Terminations may be physical or ephemeral. Physical Terminations represent physical entities that have a semi-permanent existence. For example, a Termination representing ports on the gateway, such as TDM channel or DS0 might exist for as long as it is provisioned in the gateway. Ephemeral Terminations represent Connections or data flows, such as RTP streams, or MP3 streams, and usually exist only for the duration of their use in a particular Context. Terminations have properties, such as the maximum size of a jitter buffer, which can be inspected and modified by the MGC. A termination is given a name, or Termination ID, by the MG.

answer Dec 9, 2013 by Kumar Mitrasen
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