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LTE: Indirect data forwarding tunnel ?

+3 votes

While handover procedure is being executed, target MME triggers created indirect data forwarding tunnel request to target SGW what does it means and what is the use of it ?

posted Dec 7, 2013 by Neeraj Mishra

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1 Answer

+8 votes

Indirect data forwarding is used when there is a no direct link between source eNodeb to target eNodeB. I means x2 interface. In that situation downlink data which is coming from source SGW to source eNodeB, is forward back to source SGW and then target SGW (using indirect data forwarding tunnel) will send data to target eNodeB.

answer Dec 7, 2013 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
I see there is no interface between 2 SGW, how can data is forwarded from source SGW to target SGW? Thanks.
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I went through the call flow diagram that is shown in 23.401 specification and tried to understand data flow (down link and up link both) through indirect data tunnels. I was bit confused that's why post my query here.

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While doing s1-based handover, indirect data forwarding tunnel procedure may be initiated. What are all position causes to get failure response from SGW ?

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My email id is "". I am looking for successful S1-handover (with MME and SGW relocation) logs.

Thanks in advance.

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