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list to convert time zone abbreviation to full time zone in python?

+1 vote

I would like to convert time zone abbreviation to full time zone in Python.

I'm currently writing dict with this information :

Questions :
* are there the same list somewhere (I didn't found in pytz) ?
* is it possible to append this list in pytz or in standard python date module?

posted Dec 2, 2013 by Naveena Garg

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Is this what you are looking for:

1 Answer

+1 vote

is it possible to append this list in pytz or in standard python date module ?

It could go into pytz (but generated from the IANA database, not from the list you quote). Whether it should go into pytz is debatable.

If you need to map an abbreviation back to a single timezone you are solving the wrong problem, because you can only map an abbreviation back to a list of possible timezones (And that list might change when the database is corrected). Also, to correctly represent this you need to specify the point in time. EST in 'Tue Dec 3 20:44:00 EST 2013' maps to about 3 timezones. EST in 'Tue Dec 3 20:44:00 EST 2011' maps
to about 6.

answer Dec 3, 2013 by Jai Prakash
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My guess is that:

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I am keen to hear of better solutions or ideas.