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LTE: Why Last_Submitted_PDCP_RX_SN state variable is initialized to 4096 ?

+4 votes

All other state variables at PDCP layer initialized with zero except this "Last_Submitted_PDCP_RX_SN" variable.
What is the reason to initialize this state variable with value 4096.

posted Nov 28, 2013 by Vikram Singh

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I found 1st bit which is used to indicate that packet carrying Data/Control information. My question is that why first bit is used even packet itself known as "PDCP Data PDU".

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One more related question : Does the same COUNT value used for both integrity protection and ciphering of SDU ?

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SN is used for sequence delivery then why do we need two SN in PDCP and RLC?

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As per 3gpp 36.322 Release 12.0 RLC specification, Extended RLC LI field = 15 bit is newly included in AM mode.
Can anyone please explain, exactly in what condition this 15-bit LI value will be used.

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