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LTE: What is the functionality of PDCP layer ?

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LTE: What is the functionality of PDCP layer ?
posted Nov 27, 2013 by Harshita

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It's very good pdf which will clear all ur basic concept on lte interface and protocol stack

He explained very well
Depending on the radio bearer characteristics and the mode of the associated RLC entity,
the following functions are selectively performed by the PDCP entity:

header compression using Robust Header Compression (ROHC) for DRB;
security functions:
– integrity protection for SRB;
– ciphering for SRB and DRB;
 maintenance of PDCP Sequence Numbers for SRB and DRB;
 handover support functions:
– status reporting for AM DRB;
– duplicate elimination of lower layer SDUs for AM DRB;
– in-order delivery of upper layer PDUs for AM DRB;
 timer-based SDU discard for SRB and DRB.
I don't think the mentioned PDF is available. Can you provide the other means of availability.

3 Answers

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LTE PDCP Functions:

• Header compression and decompression of IP data flows using the ROHC protocol;
• Transfer of data (user plane or control plane);
• Maintenance of PDCP SNs;
• In-sequence delivery of upper layer PDUs at re-establishment of lower layers;
• Duplicate elimination of lower layer SDUs at re-establishment of lower layers for
radio bearers mapped on RLC AM;
• Ciphering and deciphering of user plane data and control plane data;
• Integrity protection and integrity verification of control plane data
• Timer based discard
• Duplicate discarding

answer Nov 27, 2013 by Giri Prasad
+3 votes

PDCP stands for "Packet data convergence protocol". PDCP layer provides some services to its upper layers (like RRC and S1-U Application). Its main functionality has been listed below:
1. IP header compression and decompression.
2. Duplicate packet detection while re-establishment handling.
3. In-sequence delivery of packets.
4. Encryption and Integrity protection and verification of control plane data.
5. Encryption of user plane data etc.

answer Nov 27, 2013 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
+1 vote

PDCP layer performs the following functions:

  1. Header compression and decompression plane of the user data;
  2. Security features:
    encryption and deciphering the user plane and control plane data;
    the protection of the integrity and operation of the plane data;
  3. Provide support functions:
    order to delivery and reorder PDU to the layer above a waiver;
    lossless transmission of user plane data associated with the RLC admitted mode.
  4. To cancel the user data plane due to timeout.

PDCP layer manages data streams in a plane, and in the plane (or Protocol), only for holders of a radio channel for control (DCCH) or channel dedicated to motion (DTCH). PDCP layer architecture varies the user plane and control plane, as shown figures.

enter image description here

answer Nov 27, 2013 by Luv Kumar
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